The Technology Center uses a help desk (this website!) which allows for the management of service requests ("tickets"). The focus of this article is the method of submission and content of service requests. Requests for service should be submitted to the Technology Help Desk through the web, email, or online chat using the directions below. Directly emailing or calling technicians will cause your service request to be delayed as the technician must input your service request manually.

There are a few actions you can try before you submit a ticket:

  • Restart your computer - This often fixes the problem! (If the issue persists, please let us know!)
  • Ask colleagues if they know how to solve the issue (If they have experienced the problem, but do not have a resolution, please let us know!)
  • Ask your Media Specialist - They often know the solutions to common problems and can assist you in submitting a service request.
If your have exhausted these resources, please send in your service request! The following information will help you form your request.

What to include in your ticket

While not all of the following items are applicable to every situation, please include as many as possible when submitting a service request.


This should be a short description of the problem, including a building and room number if it involves a stationary item.
  • Good Example: "Mouse Movement Erratic - PN 103"
  • Bad Example: "My computer is broken"


  • Computer Name -¬†Including the name of the computer for Windows devices can be very important and will cause the quickest response time. Having the name of the computer will allow technicians to remotely attempt a resolution. If the nature of the problem requires an onsite visit, having the name of the computer will also assist in locating the correct computer. If you need assistance finding the computer name, please ask your Media Specialist.
  • Contact Info - A call-back number or extension where you may be reached. This is very useful if a resolution requires interaction with you. If no number is included, we will call the building office by default.
  • Complete description of the problem - A complete description of the problem and any actions already taken toward a resolution. Please do not hesitate to be verbose, and include any information that may be of value. This will greatly assist the troubleshooting process. Good items to include are:
    • Can the problem be repeated? Consistently?
    • What order of steps can reproduce the issue?
    • Are there additional circumstances that cause the issue?
    • Does it happen only during a certain time of day?
    • Does anyone else have the issue?
    • Is the issue isolated to a particular computer or user?

Submitting a service request

Help Desk

Using the help desk web site will allow you to log tickets and keep track of the progress on existing requests. This is the preferred way to get technology support. If you wish to talk to a technician live, you can use the included chat feature at certain times. The Technology Help Desk is located at:
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If you have issues logging in, please email your service request using the directions below and also let us know you cannot logon to the help desk!


You can still email to submit a service request. Please include the items mentioned above for a timely resolution.

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