1 Use Chrome as your browser

Logout of any personal gmail / google account.
3 Login to Chrome using your @wintonwoods.org account Note: This application uses single-sign-on.  That means once you login to Chrome - you dont have to login to ECHO.  However, you must be logged into Chrome with your @wintonwoods.org account in order for this to work.  This is awesome for students / teachers using Chromebooks.  Once you login to Chromebook - your credentials will pass through to ECHO.
4 Visit the appropriate ECHO landing page HS - http://wwhs.echo-ntn.org
MS - http://wwms.echo-ntn.org
IS - http://wwis.echo-ntn.org
ES - http://wwes.echo-ntn.org
PN - http://wwpn.echo-ntn.org
PS - http://wwps.echo-ntn.org
District - http://wintonwoods.echo-ntn.org
click on SIGN IN

Additional Troubleshooting Steps:

1) Try using Internet Explorer - if you are able to login - it confirms your account is set - and the issue is with your google connection.

2) Clear the cache in Chrome and try using the steps listed above again.