1. Login Screens 2 Ways, A Must See

Username Sign-in for Grade PK-6 Students

Names and Photos Sign-in for Grade 7-12 Students & Staff

Names and Photos Sign-in: Adding a User

Names and Photos Sign-in: Removing Users

Watch out! Authorization Errors!

If the username box doesn't have a suffix (e.g. @wintonwoods.org / @wwstudent.org) and you keep getting this error, let us know and include the serial number!

2. Party's Over, The Lock Screen Is Here

Lock screen enables on lid close or 15 minutes of inactivity. Type your password and it will unlock!

How do I sign out someone that locked the device?

3. Productivity Gains, Start Page & Bookmarks Consolidated

Start page & bookmarks have been combined! Click the Home button to get quick access to district resources.

4. Apps and Extensions: You Won't Believe What's Possible!

Expanded default apps for students and staff

Explore the district curated Chrome Web Store

Install additional apps and extensions evaluated by our tech coaches

Students can now install apps in the "WWCS" Chrome Store category.

5. One Weird Trick To Assessment Apps For Everyone

MAP and AIR are available on ALL Chromebooks, MHM DataManager available on IS, PN, PS student devices only.

6. Three More Things You're Never Too Busy To Read

  • Password manager - Chrome password manager is not secure by design and does not encourage good password practices so we are disabling it district wide.
  • Accessibility features - Accessibility settings (large cursor, spoken feedback, high contrast mode, screen magnifier type) are now turned off (reset) whenever a user logs out or the login screen is idle for one minute.
  • Chrome OS updates - Chromebooks will automatically update to latest version over a period of 5 days.